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Lezyne M-Caddy Saddlebag Review

Backpack or Saddlebag? I like to travel light. Most of my rides are about 1 hour’s riding in the evening after work, usually with a cappuccino stop around halfway. Because of this, it’s not feasible to take a pack out with me… Well, it’s not sensible anyway. So, I take a 750ml bottle with Nuun […]


Oakley Straight Jacket Sunglasses – Prescription – Review by Stuart McGregor

Oakley Straight Jacket Glasses Reviewed Hi, For my sins I wear glasses (short sighted) –  I have tried contacts but didn’t really get on with them. My regular glasses are Oakley, normal looking with metal arms and a thin frame. I chose Oakley after trying various different type including the specsavers/vision express cheapies/2 for 1 […]