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Endura Singletrack Shorts – A Review


I was bought a pair of Singletrack MTB Shorts by Endura for my birthday in October, and since then they’ve been my go-to shorts. I wanted to make sure I’d given them a good battering before posting a review, so now it’s here!

Why Endura Singletrack MTB Shorts?

I’ve read a few reviews of these shorts and I couldn’t find any reason not to buy them. First and foremost, being made by Scotsmen they’re excellent value for money. I paid about £40 on special offer.

The first impression I got on opening the package was of a very well-built, hardwearing piece of kit. The fittings are substantial, the stitching is very good and the materials seem hardy. On top of this, the abundance of pockets front, back and inside-front (with a very handy zippered money pocket) means that there are plenty of places to put your maps, cake money, gels, cereal bars or whatever you want. One word of caution though: I’d think seriously before putting something valuable in the bigger pockets… I’m not so sure how secure they’ll be when you’re bouncing down a hillside somewhere.

Check the video below to see some more.

How Do They Look?

I got mine in Olive and I think they look bloody great. You can get them in more ninja-like colourways (black, basically) too.

It’s easy to combine them with various other layers (long johns, Aldi base layers, liners, bibs even, baggy tops…) to suit the weather, but there are front vents for the rarer summer days out so your bits won’t have to suffer from boil-in-the-bag heat.

The only down side I’ve found is that the double-popper closure does sometimes pop itself open. This doesn’t happen when I’m riding, but when I’m walking about before and after rides. Perhaps the fit is just more suited to being in the saddle! Personally, I wish that MTB shorts manufacturers would stick with big old buttons – I’ve had exactly the same problem on a pair of Altura shorts I own. The waist bands are perfect but as soon as they’re under strain, the press-studs popped open. I’ve had an expert seamstress stick a buttonhole and big old button on the Altura ones and the Singletracks might go the same way before too long. Thankfully the zipper on the Singletrack shorts’ fly is a really good one, so they’ve not fallen around my ankles so far! 😉

Cut To The Chase – Should You Buy Some?

In my opinion, you probably should. The Endura Singletrack MTB Shorts look great, fit well, the build quality is excellent and they can be paired up with whatever else you’re wearing to suit the conditions.

If you’ve got an opinion, especially of you’ve got some already, please let us all know what you think by putting a comment below.

If you’re thinking of buying some for yourself – or sending them to Santa – click the link and you can get them from CRC.


So, what do you think ?