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Chris Akrigg releases a new edit – The Water Cycle


Remember When We Were Kids…

… and we used to ride our BMX along the bed of a local stream, trying not get our feet wet? I don’t believe I’m the only MTB rider with that memory. Well, imagine that memory and multiply it by a thousand. Chris Akrigg’s new edit is a wonderful thing.

Showing off the Brecon Beacons and Wales to full effect and making anyone with a bike just want to get out and ride it, this video will make you feel GOOD.

Also, the final shot scares the bejeesus out of me!

Enjoy 🙂

(then get out and ride your damn bike).

Update – 3rd August

It seems that the video has been removed from Chris’ own channels, reportedly (meaning this might not be true) because some of the locations are not ok for riding. I’ve replaced the original video from Chris’ channel with another one here, but that might be taken down soon, too. So watch it while you can, and don’t ride your bike where you’re not allowed…. and especially don’t post of video of yourself doing it!

Some information from interested MTB folk on this thread from Singletrack: Here.

So, what do you think ?