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Endura MT500 Burner MTB Jersey Review


If You Needed A Mountain Bike Specific Cycling Jersey…

… how would you decide which one to buy? I’ve read reviews in magazines and the Endura MT500 consistently scores highly for value, design, looks and feel on the bike. That’s how it ended up on my shortlist.

I’ve mainly worn “traditional”-looking cycling jerseys up to now. I have a couple of nice ones but there’s no denying that the tightness can be a bit restricting, especially if you’re not shaped like a roadie-whippet. I also own a looser-fit cheapo MTB top from Decathlon which is fine, but the raised seams and sewn-in label do tend to irritate my delicate office-worker’s skin.

The Endura MT500

I don’t want to spend a fortune on cycling tops. I want a top to look good, function well, be comfortable and hard-wearing. On a recent trip to Leisure Lakes I browsed the Endura stands and was reminded of the good reviews this jersey has enjoyed over the last few years. Seeing a version in Orange & Camo, I decided to try it on.

Sizing – I’ve got two words of advice: Go Large. I’m not exactly a fatty, I’m dead-on 12 stones (168 lbs, 76kg) and for most things I’m a Medium.  But in the MT500 I’m a definite Large – I think cyclists are generally just a lot skinnier than your average person 😉

The top features good flatlock stitching so it doesn’t rub against your skin, with raglan sleeves – this technique of attaching the arms to the torso of your top makes them move better and feel more comfortable under a pack. The label is printed, not stitched, so there’s no extra itchiness there either.

At the bottom of the jersey there’s a nicely rolled bottom end which helps it to hang just right, and a small zipped pocket for keys and a gel is very handy although you’ll probably put them into your shorts.  Inside the jersey, a little wipe is stitched in: it’s not very big but it’s better than nothing if, like me, your specs get a bit grimy on your rides (technical fabrics are absolutely bobbins for cleaning specs because they’re basically made from plastic).

Cut To The Chase. What’s It Like?

To put it bluntly, it’s an excellent value top.  For £35 or less you get an MTB-specific cycling top which performs well, looks great and is very comfortable.  There are just the right mix of hard-wearing fabrics and stretchy, comfy bits under the arms and elsewhere.  The mix of fabric designs does look very good – you don’t have to go Orange & Camo like I did, you can choose white & grey, or charcoal mixtures for the stealth ninjas among you.

Have a look at the links I’ve posted here if you’d like to check the top out.

Endura MT500 Burner at Chain Reaction Cycles

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