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Fox Tahoe MTB Gloves Review


A few weeks ago I decided I should invest in some new gloves for warmer weather.  Previously I’d been wearing a pair of fingerless gloves from Decathlon and, whilst they’re ok, the padding on the palm has become a problem for me, making me a little uncomfortable on longer jaunts.

Based on a few factors, I decided to gamble on the Fox Tahoe glove.  The factors in my mind were:

  • Basic black colour scheme. Black is the new black, again.
  • Quality clarino palm with a double layer and not much padding.
  • Stretch fabric with a simple velcro closure on the back of the wrist where it won’t get caught on watches etc.
  • Nice dense towelling snot-wipe along the thumb, where I’m used to it being!
  • The price – surprisingly reasonable for such a popular brand.

What’s So Good About The Tahoe Glove?

I wasn’t so sure when I bought these, but after a few rides I can honestly say that I’m now sure of the three top reasons that these Fox Tahoe gloves are the best summer gloves I’ve had:

  1. The tabs on the back of the fingers are a brilliant little idea for getting the gloves off.  Well stitched, sturdy and amazingly effective. It’s the little things, sometimes… (eh girls?)
  2. The size small is a brilliant fit on my pudgy miniature hands.  Normal sizes are also available.
  3. The price. At £15 for a pair of top-name MTB gloves, you can’t go wrong.  In fact, at the time of writing you could still get last year’s model for £8 from Chain Reaction Cycles (see the link) if you don’t mind a bit more grey in with your black.

Should You Buy Them?

That’s up to you, but I’m glad I did.  You can pick them up from Leisure Lakes if you want to try them first.  If you’d like a quick look first or to buy online, try a couple of places you can trust:

Tell ’em Phill sent you. 🙂

So, what do you think ?