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Lightweight Portable Pocket Bike Lock: Knog Milkman Review


Bike security is massively important: we all know this. If you tell me that you’ve never seen a post from someone you know who’s had a bike stolen, then you don’t use the internet enough. People who don’t care how hard you work or how much you love your bike, want to take it from you. Some of these evil people (let’s call them thieving scumbags) are professional bike thieves, whereas some thieving scumbags are opportunists.

For long trips and periods where my bike is left in view, I do two main things:

  1. make it massively visible in public and
  2. fasten a heavy chunk of 8mm hardened steel chain with a chunky padlock around it.

But what about those times when you’re out for a ride, maybe alone, where you don’t want to take a big heavy lock along? What about popping inside the cafe with your bike left in your eyeline? How do you stop the opportunist thieving scumbag from simply grabbing your pride and joy and riding away?

Say Hello To The Knog Milkman

I have no idea why Knog call this magic little product the Milkman, but that’s not important right now. The Milkman is a lightweight, small, simple, pocketable bike lock perfect for your Black Folding E Bike and every other types of bike, which you can take with you on EVERY ride. It’s the first bike lock I’ve owned which I could honestly say that about.

A 90cm length of PVC-coated steel wire is wound inside a reassuringly solid aluminium case, with a snap-shut locking mechanism and 3 supplied keys (one to take with you, one for your spare keys and one at home just in case). You just take the Milkman out of your pocket, pull out the cable, wrap it around your frame and something immovable then snap it shut. You can go get your cake/coffee/pint/pee. It’s as simple as that.


  • Genuinely pocketable
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to unlock with a good old-fashioned key
  • Excess cable is wound back in, so no flapping lengths of wire
  • Choice of colours (mine’s green, I’m an Autumn colours kinda guy)
  • Inexpensive – expect to pay less than £20


  • Will not stop the more determined type of thieving scumbag. It’s a lightweight lock
  • Cable recoil spring may cause knuckle bruising

Why Should You Buy A Knog Milkman?

This little lock will just give you the freedom to nip somewhere while your beautiful machine is locked outside, as long as you keep an eye on it. It will buy you the time to do what you need to do. It will not stop a determined thieving scumbag, but it will enable you to go and buy that all-important mid-ride coffee and cake.

You could also use to garotte baddies in spy movies. Only in spy movies, mind!

You should probably get one. In your favourite colour.  Check out these links to find the best deal for you:

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So, what do you think ?