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iPhone5 (or Samsung) Handlebar Mount Case from ProductX – Review


A Handlebar Mount For Your iPhone5 – That Doesn’t Cost A Packet

New phones are released into the market at an alarming rate, so it was only a question of time before a competitively-priced iPhone5 handlebar case came along.

I’ve been using a ProductX Action Camera Case with my iPhone4 for a while now, so when the guys from ProductX told me they’d released a handlebar mount for the iPhone5, of course I was interested.

The important difference is that this new case does not have a lens, so it will not allow you shoot video. If that’s what you want, check out the Action Camera Cases from ProductX instead. This case is a handlebar mount which is ideal for having your phone’s screen handy on the move: extremely handy for checking where you are (safely!), or for keeping an eye on your chosen cycle computer and SMASHING YOUR STRAVA PB’s! 🙂

What’s It Like To Use?

I tested the case on my daughter’s bike. We found that the adjustable collar was excellent, allowing for unlimited removal and reattachment with the natty little clip. Once tightened, the clip retains the collar really securely but you can loosen it easily. The case itself then clips onto the collar with a reassuring “clunk”, and there’s a length of cord which you can tie to your bars or stem for added comfort, although I’d seriously doubt whether this will every be called into action.

The phone is held in the case with a good quality zip, and the case has a hard back inserted to protect it. My daughter’s phone isn’t an iPhone5, it’s a Samsung, but the flexible case held it securely throughout a 10 mile ride on-and-off-road, as the zip closure provides a simple but effective solution.

Should You Buy This iPhone5 Handlebar Mount?

If you want to mount an iPhone5 on your handlebars, you should think about this. It’s not totally weatherproof but my preferred rainproofing option of a carefully-folded sandwich bag will solve that 😉

For a shade under £15, compared to prices well over double that for hard cases, it’s got to be worth a look for you.

Have a look at the ProductX website here. – £14.99 as we published – a great price.

So, what do you think ?