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Rivington Ramble – Update


On Tuesday 13th March, a raggle-taggle bunch of Mountain Bikers arrived at Rivington Barn Lower Cafe and rode bikes for a few hours.

(Thanks to for the header photo – a great resource of you’re heading to the area)

The event was organised in honour of Ulster cycling nutter Lisa’s trip to the area, to celebrate the joyous coming together of a bunch of people who, to be fair, hadn’t met before the day.  You could have joined them, if you’d wanted to spend a schoolday riding Mountain Bikes off road.

God Bless Twitter and Facebook, eh?


Our Rivington Ramble was an excellent day out.  Maybe it was the pleasant weather (pretty nice for mid March), but for me it was a lot more about playing out on bikes with a like-minded bunch of brilliant people.

I’d like to thank the five people who joined me on the day, and particular thanks to Sandra, who worked with her husband to devise a fantastic route for us all.

I’d also like to apologise for being so bobbins on the climbs. My training goal for summer 2012 is now 100% clear: go faster upwards!

You can see the route we took on my Daily Mile profile, which also has link to the google maps version if you want to get hold of a route path for your own day out.  Also, here’s a video someone else took of the final descent, the Ice Cream Run, so named because there’s usually an Ice Cream van at the bottom.  But not yesterday 🙁

What a great day. Thanks everyone.

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