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661 Recon Mountain Bike Helmet – Review


If you’ve seen the Urge Enduromatic helmet review here on Mountain Biking Resources, you’ll know that I’m not cool or “yoof” enough to get away with one of those helmets, in my own opinion. (if you haven’t seen it, the review is here).

As a typical member of the Mountain Biking demographic, my middle-age-approaching, middle-class sensibilities made me choose a 661 Recon Helmet for my days & nights out on the trails.

Why Would Anyone Choose The 661 Recon MTB Helmet?

This helmet has quite an understated style, matched to a high specification trail lid with good protection for your full noggin.  It’s easy to see how low the back portion of the helmet offers extra protection when compared to a more traditional bike helmet.  So, your head’s well covered.

As you’d expect, there’s plenty of venting through 18 holes to keep the air flowing around your flowing locks (or balding pate in my case) and since owning this lid, I’ve had one hot sunny day’s chance to test out the heat dissipating abilities of this big-looking head case – it did keep me cool much more efficiently than I’d expected.

Adjustment is via the Detox Retention Fit System, which is an easy-to-tighten ratchet affair on the back of the hat, which can be easily done on the fly with one hand if you’ve left things a bit loose when you set off.  It’s available in two sizes so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one to cradle your cranium.

Since owning the 661 Recon, I’ve had no complaints. It looks good, even on a portly 42 year old man and it protects really well.  I took a spill on a recent ride around Rivington (also mentioned on this website) and bashed it forwards into the gravel and soil.  The visor popped off on one side but otherwise there were no marks at all.  I’m pretty sure that my forehead wouldn’t have taken the impact in such a businesslike way!  I can honestly say I’d recommend this helmet to you.

Any Feedback?

If you’ve got one of these, or if you have any opinions about their design, fit or capabilities, let me know with the comments form below.  If you’d like to get a closer look, check them out on Wiggle or at your favourite Local Bike Shop.

Tell ’em Phill sent you 🙂


  1. Dave S

    Looks good – how cool does it leave your head? And do you notice you’re wearing it (how heavy is it – Wiggle don’t have weight in the description :)?

    • Phill

      Hi Dave, the cooling’s a lot better than I expected for such a big lid. On Saturday temperatures hit 22 Celcius and a big winch up a hill I’ve never aced before (no dabs this time, woohoo) didn’t draw any sweat really.
      Apparently a size Medium is 309g. Mine’s a large, on account of my enormous brain, so probably a few grammes more. Having said that, it actually feels a lot lighter than my previous “roadie style” helmet which was light: I think the better fit makes the 661 less noticeable.

    • Phill

      Hey Sylvain, I’m 60cm, I’d go for M/L if I were you, you’re only a tad smaller than me. Should be fine. :0)

  2. sylvain

    i cant find this helmet in qc city and i have no toher choice to buy it ont they internet

    thank for the respond

  3. sylvain

    i saw it on your photo your helmet is a l xlarge do you have more space to close the lock system behind your head ?? Or is close to the maximum

    • Phill

      There’s plenty if room, but I wear a beanie on the coldest rides which just fits under there at maximum. So for me I can go from minimum bare-headed to maximum with buff, beanie and a toasty noggin :0)
      If you’re in warm climes the whole time, you might get away with a smaller one but in the UK we have to allow for temperatures from -4C to +25C.

    • Phill

      Yes I think so Sylvain. Let me know how it is for you: I still love mine. Post us a photo on the Facebook page…?

  4. sylvain

    it very cold to in canada lol =30 c to -30 but i alos use the helmet during summer

    you tell me whit you 60 centimeter head you dont put the minimum ?? you have place to go down a little bit more


    • Phill

      Yes that’s right, I’m not right down at the minimum on mine. All head are different but if your head’s the same shape as mine, you’ll be ok.

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