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Helmet Review – Urge Enduromatic Mountain Bike Helmet


At Christmas, I decided that it was time to treat my boy to a new helmet.  He’s much cooler than me, so I wanted to get him something that looked great with a slight “yoof” edge to it.  The Urge Enduromatic helmet definitely fitted the bill.

Urge Enduromatic - Too cool for school.

Urge Enduromatic MTB Helmet

Why Would You Buy An Urge Enduromatic?

You’d hate to become a clone, right?  This helmet is available in a wide range of colours & finishes, so it’s unlikely that you’re going to be embarrassed out on the trails.  Make sure you get the right size, because the only adjustment you have is a bit of extra padding that’s  supplied in the box.  Having said that, the way this helmet is built means that it seems to fit really well – both my son and I found it comfortable.

The lid looks like it could do with more vents and we’ve not put through a long summer day’s riding yet, so we’ll let you know in future how it bears up to Lancashire’s sunnier days!  However, the vents that are there work fantastically well, using venturi physics to draw air across your head as you mash up the mud on your mountain bike.

Do You Own One?

If you have one of these helmets, let me know what you think of it, eh?

If you’d like one, have a look at the choices here: Urge MTB Helmets from Chain Reaction Cycles.

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  1. Ric Rothwell

    Urge Enduro-O-Matic helmet review.
    I’ve had mine now for over 2 months and have used it on both chilly and hot rides. The rear wrap around helps keep you warm but has adequate venting that channels air inside to keep cool as well. Inside there two very comfy removable liners that can simply be rinsed under hot water to clean if they get sweaty. Whilst they are drying you can fit the identical spare set to keep you riding. The helmet is very light at 305g and is a great fit, you soon forget you have it on your head after a few minutes. There is a huge range of colours/graphics compared to other manufacturers. The only negative is the strap can sometimes come loose from the holding loop, but this is not a major problem. In the box is a storage bag, set of stickers and manual. This is a great helmet, very stylish, great looking and is well priced.


    • Phill

      Thanks Ric, that’s a great 2nd opinion. Nice to hear from another user who’s happy with the helmet.

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