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Fox Tahoe MTB Gloves Review

A few weeks ago I decided I should invest in some new gloves for warmer weather.  Previously I’d been wearing a pair of fingerless gloves from Decathlon and, whilst they’re ok, the padding on the palm has become a problem for me, making me a little uncomfortable on longer jaunts. Based on a few factors, […]


Tigra iPhone Handlebar Bike Mount Review

You might like to take your smartphone along with you if, like me, you: Use GPS maps to follow a trail or to work out exactly where you are. Track your rides, for training or motivation. I know that specific GPS devices like the Garmins do this job beautifully, but to avoid spending £150-£300 on […]


661 Recon Mountain Bike Helmet – Review

If you’ve seen the Urge Enduromatic helmet review here on Mountain Biking Resources, you’ll know that I’m not cool or “yoof” enough to get away with one of those helmets, in my own opinion. (if you haven’t seen it, the review is here). As a typical member of the Mountain Biking demographic, my middle-age-approaching, middle-class […]


The Future Of Mountain Biking?

I was watching a bit of TV on Sunday morning, as you do, when I saw this report on BBC’s “Something For The Weekend“.  In the gadget review section of the show, an odd-looking MTB was wheeled on and showcased. This bike uses a “hybrid drive” to boost the rider’s own pedal power with electric […]


Rivington Ramble – Update

On Tuesday 13th March, a raggle-taggle bunch of Mountain Bikers arrived at Rivington Barn Lower Cafe and rode bikes for a few hours. (Thanks to for the header photo – a great resource of you’re heading to the area) The event was organised in honour of Ulster cycling nutter Lisa’s trip to the area, […]


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