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Oakley Straight Jacket Sunglasses – Prescription – Review by Stuart McGregor

Published on 10 May 2013 in Kit Reviews

Oakley Straight Jacket Glasses Reviewed


For my sins I wear glasses (short sighted) –  I have tried contacts but didn’t really get on with them.
My regular glasses are Oakley, normal looking with metal arms and a thin frame. I chose Oakley after trying various different type including the specsavers/vision express cheapies/2 for 1 and have found them to be superb, my current Oakley frames are 4 years old and I’ve never had a problem with them.

Now, with this in mind I wanted something a bit more, well, shall we say “cool” ? Because that’s what I wanted! Something I could wear on the bike, obviously sunglasses are an option but I ride at night, so that was a no no.

I wanted the wraparound style so my eyes wouldn’t water on fast descents… I wanted some sort of shading for sunny days and something that looked a bit better than normal glasses….

After much deliberation and internet browsing I settled on some Oakleys as they seemed to meet all my requirements. I went to an opticians that was an Oakley dealer (Andrew Care ) to try a few styles and decided on the ‘Straight Jacket‘. Mine are the smoke grey frame with grey tinted lenses and transitions shading (they change with the sunlight). Oakley claim to have a unique way of making the lenses so they can make prescription lenses in the wraparound style…..

So… ordered on a Wednesday, phone call the following Tuesday to say they were in, quick service! (Oakley make the glasses to order in Ireland)

So, my impressions?

Excellent, money well spent (£240). They fit great, nice and snug to my face meaning not much light gets in the side and the wind doesn’t make my eyes water on fast descents – this was tested on a mile long 14% gradient on the road bike!

The shading is just right, not as aggressive as a proper set of sunglasses but I’ve never found myself walking into a room or shaded area and not able to see. The beauty of the transitions is it makes these more than just prescription sunglasses, they can be used as normal glasses for everyday use (I have).

The wraparound lenses were the biggest surprise, regular glasses wearers probably don’t realize how much peripheral vision is lost, this was made very clear to me once I’d got these Oakleys! I was amazed at how much easier looking over my shoulder etc was with these glasses, I have a genuine full range of vision now.

The lenses are supposed to go from 15% tint to 90% tint, to be honest you don’t notice the 15% inside but I have yet to see then go fully black, although they warned me it takes a few days full sun for the chemicals to work properly in the lenses.

Note, they can only make wraparound style for prescriptions of up to +4.00.

So, fuller range of vision, no watering eyes, shades as well as normal use and they look pretty good when shaded (unshaded is a matter or personal taste….) for the price of a decent pair of glasses. Yes, I’m happy!

The opticians I used also do mail order and are running 20% off making them fairly competitive.

Apologies for my ugly mug! The image of them shaded with the light blue backdrop is after 10-20 seconds in the sun, gives an idea of the speed they change.

Find me on Twitter @StuartMc1

Note – the Amazon link is non-prescription. Use the optician’s link above if you want prescription lenses! :)

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iPhone5 (or Samsung) Handlebar Mount Case from ProductX – Review

Published on 18 April 2013 in Kit Reviews

A Handlebar Mount For Your iPhone5 – That Doesn’t Cost A Packet

New phones are released into the market at an alarming rate, so it was only a question of time before a competitively-priced iPhone5 handlebar case came along.

I’ve been using a ProductX Action Camera Case with my iPhone4 for a while now, so when the guys from ProductX told me they’d released a handlebar mount for the iPhone5, of course I was interested.

The important difference is that this new case does not have a lens, so it will not allow you shoot video. If that’s what you want, check out the Action Camera Cases from ProductX instead. This case is a handlebar mount which is ideal for having your phone’s screen handy on the move: extremely handy for checking where you are (safely!), or for keeping an eye on your chosen cycle computer and SMASHING YOUR STRAVA PB’s! :)

What’s It Like To Use?

I tested the case on my daughter’s bike. We found that the adjustable collar was excellent, allowing for unlimited removal and reattachment with the natty little clip. Once tightened, the clip retains the collar really securely but you can loosen it easily. The case itself then clips onto the collar with a reassuring “clunk”, and there’s a length of cord which you can tie to your bars or stem for added comfort, although I’d seriously doubt whether this will every be called into action.

The phone is held in the case with a good quality zip, and the case has a hard back inserted to protect it. My daughter’s phone isn’t an iPhone5, it’s a Samsung, but the flexible case held it securely throughout a 10 mile ride on-and-off-road, as the zip closure provides a simple but effective solution.

Should You Buy This iPhone5 Handlebar Mount?

If you want to mount an iPhone5 on your handlebars, you should think about this. It’s not totally weatherproof but my preferred rainproofing option of a carefully-folded sandwich bag will solve that 😉

For a shade under £15, compared to prices well over double that for hard cases, it’s got to be worth a look for you.

Have a look at the ProductX website here. – £14.99 as we published – a great price.

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Cragg Quarry to Lee Quarry Trail Video on the ProductX iPhone Action Camera Case

Published on 17 April 2013 in Kit Reviews, Rides

The weather was lovely on Saturday morning, so I decided to go for a bike ride. The bike was already in the car so it seemed like a good idea to drive up to Lee Quarry and take advantage of the excellent trails up there…

… but I had some things to do, so I went up in the afternoon, by which time it was raining and cold.

Ah well, never mind. It was still great fun and I took this video using my ProductX iPhone Action Camera Case thingy, fastened to my backpack straps. I did a review of it a while ago, which you can read here if you want to. I like it a lot, considering I don’t do much video so there’s no way I’m planning to spend GoPro money.

Yes, I know, I need to angle it up slightly. I’ll get it right sometime soon!

Lee Quarry was great fun and the purpose-built link trail up to Cragg Quarry is quite tough on the way up, but great fun on the way back down. I’ll definitely be doing it again, and lowering my seat further next time – I had a couple of near-OTB moments at weekend!

But hey, Tone Loc on the soundtrack! = WIN !

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